Adding Mods to a Mac?

Okay, so I have downloaded several of the Mods from the website and would like to install them. I have failed several times now and was wondering if anyone has a basic step-by-step guide for adding mods to mac? I’ve found the folders and tried putting them in the “mods” folder with no luck…

God I hope someone can answer this soon, I’m having the exact same problem. I drop the files in the corresponding folders and when I click “start” it crashes.

The crash fix is coming really soon. as a workaround edit the missions/*.txt so that the names_file contains / instead of \ in the path.

I changed this:

To this:

Still crashing, what did I do wrong?

Can you go into finder and press Apple-Shift-G and type ~/Library/Application Support/democracy3 in the dialog that opens and click “go”.

send me the debug.txt in the debug folder.

[18:17:11.121]- ----DEBUG FILE----
[18:17:11.123]- Version 10.8.5 (Build 12F45)
[18:17:11.147]- Desktop resolution is 1280 x 800
[18:17:11.272]- Attempting to initialise steam
[18:17:11.424]- Steam initialisation success
[18:17:11.425]- Requesting steam stats…
[18:17:11.425]- …Steam stats requested
[18:17:11.461]- Initialising 3D Engine
[18:17:11.810]- OpenGL Vendor : NVIDIA Corporation
[18:17:11.810]- OpenGL Renderer: NVIDIA GeForce 320M OpenGL Engine
[18:17:11.810]- OpenGL Version : 2.1 NVIDIA-8.16.74 310.40.00.10f02
[18:17:11.833]- Initialising global vertex buffer
[18:17:12.393]- Initialising Sound Engine
[18:17:13.371]- OpenAL Version: 1.1
[18:17:13.371]- OpenAL Device: Built-in Output
[18:17:13.371]- OpenAL Vendor: Apple Computer Inc.
[18:17:13.371]- Finished Initialising Sound Engine
[18:17:15.605]- GBufferedFile failed to open file [data/dlc.txt]
[18:17:15.624]- OnlineUpdateThread thread created OK
[18:17:15.795]- OnlineUpdateThread thread Ended OK
[18:17:16.354]- Received stats and achievements from Steam

[18:17:17.035]- GBufferedFile failed to open file [/Users/eric/Library/Application Support/democracy3/mod_status.ini]
[18:17:48.215]- Starting new game…
[18:17:48.215]- New Game thread created OK
[18:17:48.312]- GBufferedFile failed to open file [Russia/data/names/russianames.txt]
[18:17:48.312]- GBufferedFile failed to open file [Russia/data/names/russianames.txt]
[18:17:48.312]- GBufferedFile failed to open file [Russia/data/names/russianames.txt]

so where did you install the Russia folder?

I don’t understand which folder you’re referring to

how did you install the mod? you should have installed it in the bundle resource directory ( such that exists and exists.

I’m working on a MUCH more pleasant way to install mods on Mac OS X and linux so this will get MUCH simpler.

Yes I have both of those files in their correct places as you listed.

I dont have the path ~/Library/Application Support/democracy3 … I m using Steam to install and play the game … I cant add mods also :frowning:

All versions on the mac store configuration in that folder. on linux it is ~/.local/share/democracy3 Mods currently have to be installed in the game directory itself.

In my application support folder there is no democracy3 folder :(. Also I use the resource folder inside the application bundle as you describe to copy the mod files but when I start the game there is no mod loaded in the mod section.