Adding more x to a single effect

I was trying to expand the complexity of some of the effects in the game when i run into this problem.

Is is possible to add several term to a effect equation?

This is an example of what i mean

This is from the IncomeTax


what i would like to do is add both a multiplier term with other policies in this case Flattax AND a normal term cursing unhappiness.

I works fine each by it self.

So "Capitalist,-0.99*(x^3)*FlatTax)" will add a effect that is multiplied with the level of Flattax,

And "Capitalist, 0-(0.33*x)" will add the standard negative effect of Income tax.

But if i combine them the game stop working, like

"Capitalist, 0-(0.33*x)-(0.99*(x^3)*FlatTax)"

The problem seems to be using more than one x in each equation. Is there anyway to fix this/come around the problem?

Unfortunately the layout of the number of parameters for an equation in the game are currently limited, so you cannot do what you want to in that way at the moment :frowning: I would like to support such things in future. There is nothing stopping you having two effects with different equations linking the same things, although I admit the one place that is in the game (robotics as I recall) does kinda confuse people. (There it is done to give different short and long term effects…)

Ahh thats pretty clever, that will solve the problem just as well i think. Thanks Cliffski