Adding Needless Complexity to crews and pilots...

Well, challenges have a pilot limit and the ability to exclude each hull class type. This system sort of works to control fleet mixes. But why not give challenge designers even more flexibility?

I propose several different crew types:


A Cruiser would take 1 captain + a command staff of a certain number of officers based on the # of modules and # of crew.

Frigates would take 2-3 officers, again based on the total crew # and the # of modules in the hull.

Fighters take 1 pilot.

Going into the possible strategy game it would be interesting to have these different types of crew to think about and make sure you have enough numbers of as well.

this could be part of A Certain Difficulty level, Like:

Realistic - More advanced Crew Types etc…, Not a Super Hard Difficulty

maybe its needless complexity,but i like it

i just know i`ll regret saying this if it gets implemented :smiley:


I know where yr going with this, but it would further detract from the MAIN EVEN, which is the battle itself, I already spend 2/3 of my time on the construction page.

Although charicter Admirals to add would be nice (for the campaign)

remember, you alwasy will have people who like to just create, like in a RTS game, you spend all your time capturing the other bases, but the GSB you spend all of your time building a fleet,