Adding new cure tree's question

So I saw the youtube video for creating a new cure tree (Joints & Bones). From what I saw in the video with the exception of the file “” the other files cannot have any of the default script code removed. Is this correct?

Yes this is correct.

Interesting! Just had I a quick look at the files… Can you elaborate on know cure trees and ingredients interact? Since the mod does not add any new ingredients I’m wondering whether the game just assigns cure tree to random ingredients. Can ingredients be modded at all? Is there a way to add new ingredient names or images? I had a brief look at the files but didn’t fine anything in that regard.

Sorry about the late reply. Ingredients are randomly generated from all available level 0 cures. So if you add a new cure at level 0 it will appear in ingredients automatically.

The same applies for side-effects at level -1 and catalysts at levels -2 to -6.