Adding new perks

I noticed a couple of odd things about perks while messing around with the game files. First, while you can add new perks, the perk selection screen doesn’t scroll, so new perk #5 & up will never be seen. Second, the description text for the new perks needs to be put in the base game file, despite perks being a DLC only option.

Hmm, curious. Yeah the first one is just a limitation on the UI. For stylistic reasons I didn’t want the perk list to scroll. The second one I don’t really get. Can you not put it in?:


Here’s how I have it setup: in the MM/ file, I have the following perk added:


In the MM/ file, I have the perk descriptions as follows:

	// New Executive Perk
	{"code":"perk.executive2","text":"Excellent Executive"},
	{"code":"perk.executive2.desc","text":"Start the game with 6 bonus Executives."},	


When I open the program and start a new game, my new perk shows up like this:

When I copy or move the to the base of the mod folder, the new perk name & description shows up fine:

That’s really odd. Thank you for the heads-up. I can’t check it out just now because I’m going away for a week but I’ll take a look when I get back and see if I can get this fixed. :slight_smile: