Adding new types of restraunt - what else do I need to do?

Using the CSV editor dari found I’ve made some changes to try and create restraunts that fall in to categories other than those already defined. (I’ve changed some of the text strings as they may be inappropriate due to them being based on recent news).

If I try and access a catogery with more than one option Kudos crashes on me with an error (the one it uses when it can’t connect to this site for downloads).

Here are the changes I have made to the restraunts.csv file:

#,sushirestraunt,pp,PP,"This restraunt is notorius for the quantity of food poising cases - but don't worry, it's now under new management.",5,CHEAPO #,burgerbar,mcdonalds,McDonalds,The archtypicial world infamous burger chain,8,CHEAPO #,burgerbar,bk,Burger King,You want it your way? You got it - or at least that's the slogan,12,MIDRANGE #,friedchicken,kfc,KFC,"Used to stand for Kentucky Fried Chicken, it's debatable which of these it's stopped being",5,MIDRANGE #,friedchicken,mm,Miss Millies,Rumored to be run by the Colnel's eldest daughter after being founded as his legacy to her,5,MIDRANGE #,friedchicken,lcny,Liberty Chicken,The cheapest chicken house in New York comes to Slough,2,CHEAPO #,sushirestraunt,sscsushi,Slough Catering College On-Site Sushi Bar,Despite being run by students this place has a great reputation.,3,HIP #,pizzarestraunt,ph,Pizza Hut,The national Pizza franchise - Slough Branch.,10,CHEAPO #,burgerbar,wimpey,Wimpey,Named after a builders yard - how many other restraunts can say that?,12,MIDRANGE #,steakhouse,harvester,Harvester,The ultimate in British Steakhouses specialises in Mixed Grills,12,SNOOTY #,greasyspoon,cornercafe,The Corner Cafe,The cafe on the corner of your block,1,CHEAPO #,greasyspoon,btp,Boston Tea Party,"Named for the famous event, they carry a wide selection of tea",5,HIP

I’ve also made the follwoing changes to the social_events file - when crashing they were all set to RESTRAUNT rather than NORMAL but I haven’t tested them since I changed it

#,NORMAL,sushirestraunt,Sushi Restraunt,"Eat classic japanese foods such as Sushi, Sashimi and Tempura,",restraunt,,,,"We're going to that new japanese restraunt, want to come?",0,3,-1,-1,1,1,1,1,0,0,1,2,-1,#,"chinesefood,0.75","food,1.0","alchol,0.5","japanesefood,1.0",#,"stress,-0.5","tiredness,0.1",kudos 10.0,#,,,,,, #,NORMAL,friedchicken,Fried Chicken Take-Out,The Classic Kentucky Take-Away Food,restraunt,,,,"We're thinking of going to that cheap fried chicken place, why don't you tag along?",0,5,-1,-1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,2,-1,#,"americanfood, 1.0","food, 1.0",#,"loniness, -1.0",#,,,,,,,,,, #,NORMAL,steakhouse,Steak House,Visit the ultimate eatery where almost all types of food are found for sale,restraunt,,,,"We're off to one of those mixed restraunts, want to come?",0,5,-1,-1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,2,-1,#,"americanfood, 1.0","britishfood, 1.0","mexicanfood, 1.0","food, 1.0","beer, 1.0","alcohol, 1.0","wine, 1.0",#,"alcohol, 0.7","kudos, 5.0",#,,,, #,NORMAL,greasyspoon,Greasy Spoon,Visit the ultimate English cafe for the fullest of fry-ups,restraunt,,,,"We're off for a Full English Breakfast - in spite of the time, you in?",0,5,-1,-1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,2,-1,#,"britishfood,1.0","food,0.7",#,"kudos,10.0",#,"weight, 0.9",,,,,,,,, #,NORMA:,burgerbar,Burger Bar,"McDonalds or Burger King, who will you support in the Burger Wars?",restraunt,,,,"We're going to grab some junk food, you up for it?",0,12,-1,-1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,2,-1,#,"americanfood, 1.0","food, 0.6",#,"weight, 0.2",#,,,,,,,,,,

And this to the intrests.csv file (works fine):

#,japanesefood,Japanese Food,0.6,HIGH,LOW,chinesefood #,americanfood,American Food,0.2,LOW,LOW,food #,britishfood,British Food,0.4,LOW,,food

hey cool idea, theres a few things slightly wrong. I dont think that Kudos is valid as an effect for a restaurant. Also there is a missing L at the end of NORMAL in the last entry.
Plus many of the effects don’t have a ‘degrade’ which is the first thing it crashes on:


isn’t valid you need


or stress,0.1,_STRESS_DEGRADE

or similar.

Nice idea though, I should do a mod with extra restaurants at some point.

I’m just a beginner in csv modding, so correct me if I’m wrong, but could the game crashing simply be attributed to the fact that you misspelled “restaurant?”

Also, I have a question. I can’t seem to find any link between the restaurant text strings and the healthy/indulgent menu bitmap images. If I create a new restaurant, will it just use the default ones? What about the restaurant-specific images (Pizza, Indulgent Chinese, etc.)? Is it even possible to link a custom image to a new restaurant? …Or are those ties in an unmoddable portion of the game?

Sorry, I don’t mean to be hijacking your thread. I just thought I’d post my question here since it’s along the same lines.

I just checked, and they are hard coded ;(

[code] HealthyImage = “rest_healthy.bmp”;
IndulgentImage = “rest_indulgent.bmp”;

if(pinstance->GetType()->GetName() == "pizzarestaurant")
	HealthyImage = "rest_vegpizza.bmp";
	IndulgentImage = "rest_meatpizza.bmp";
else if (pinstance->GetType()->GetName() == "mexicanrestaurant")
	IndulgentImage = "rest_indulge_mexican.bmp";
else if (pinstance->GetType()->GetName() == "chineserestaurant")
	IndulgentImage = "rest_indulge_chinese.bmp";

what a fool. I’ll fix that next time I patch the game.

Now is one of the times I wish I’d have bought the game directly, so I could benefit from the patches. I don’t suppose there’s any way to change that in the Comcast version?

I didn’t even know there was a comcast version! (its all handled through another company). Not at the moment there isn’t, no ;(

Okay, well, I suppose it won’t kill me to use the default pictures. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your quick replies!