Additional car-type

What yar-type I really would like to see in this game is a very common sight in Germany…
I think in english they are called station-wagons…
Here some examples from Mercedes-Benz: … /s213.html

i am sure you are refering to a real car like this.

Right? :slight_smile:

It should be something special :slight_smile: … _Jet_2%2B2

Or a People Carrier with 7 seats :stuck_out_tongue:

I brought this up in the suggestions thread pinned at the top. I wasnt sure that a station wagon body type was used in europe but apparently its a thing there too.

in the UK we used to call those cars estate cars. I think they are less popular than they were when I was a kid :smiley:

Yes, In the UK I’m sure people would prefer the pickup type thing, but without the “shelf”, instead something like the Mitsubishi L200 as pictured below.

That mitsubishi L-200 would be much more useful in the UK than in a more southern climb where a normal pickup might be used due to the rain. Seems to be a dealer integrated shell as opposed to an aftermarket variety.