Additional financial/operational indicator

Good evening,

I only got a few hours in the game. I think it may be lacking an indicator so I can truly build a ‘leaner’ company : the total amount of cars in construction (on the production line, from start to beginning). It may lead to new technologies, new objectives and new achievements.

Two purposes :

  • Financial : the capital commitment (and so investment options, etc.) depends on it. For 10 vehicles produced/hour, it is not the same commitment if you have 30 or 60 vehicles on your line. Big waiting lines (when the ideal is a bottleneck at the very start of your production line). That’s how you go bankrupt !
  • Operational : vehicles not ‘up to date’ suffer a penalty in the showroom. The less vehicles waiting, the quicker you can adapt so you don’t suffer the penalty as much.

Hope it helped.