Additional Ideas/Thoughts

One game came to my mind… ok two games came to my mind when I read about Kudos, of course one being The Sims, and the other being ‘Jones in the Fast Lane’ which was a highly addictive game published by Sierra in 1991. I think Kudos could take some additional ideas from ‘Jones’. I would like the ability to buy home furnishings (refrigerator, stove, couch, etc…) and with that the ability to cook at home, or than the decision to eat out. Also to me you should be able to upgrade your actual house (Where you live, Low Cost Apartment, Gated Community, Buy a House). Also there should be a bank to store our money in, so if we do get broken into or robbed. Also to me since the relationship model is built into the game, you should be able to get married, have kids, etc… and eventually die, perhaps with the option of continuing on as one of your kids… Other ideas, possibly having the option to get medical insurance, etc… than a small chance that you get hurt. I really have enjoyed the game thus far, I guess I can see a great game here, and the ideas to continue building on to it are just extraordinary.

Thanks for the feedback, I never played Alter Ego or Jones, but several people have mentioned them. There is a lot of potential to add extra stuff like this to the game, and I hope I get time to do some of it.

I read this and thought… cooking a meal for a loved one or hosting a party at home sounds like a lot of fun, with the right home appliances and cooking skills. Of course, the party’s success should also require people skills. :slight_smile: