Adiding Influences

Trying to create the following item

#,recorded_music,music_harris,Rolf Harris Classics,music,“The king of novelty recordings released this ““Best of”” album”,ass_music_progrock.jpg,0,0,0,0,REBUYABLE,Australian Native,“Court of King Caractacus,Tie Me Kangaroo Down,The Wobble Board Song,Experiments in Digeridoo,Another Cover,Stairway to Heaven”,#

It doesn’t appear to be working because I haven’t defined “Australian Native” (or a counterpart) in song_elements.csv but am unsure about how that file works - I want to set it up so that it is only available to drummers or by listing to the CD.

adding to song elements is easy, you just put a ‘#’ in the first column, then the name of the item (the name used elsewhere) followed by its name as seen in the game (which is usually the same), followed by a 0 (to its not always available from the start). the MUSIC?LYRICS thing is unused, and set quality to 1

#,Australian Native,Australian Native,0,MUSIC,1,

should do it.

If I’d set that last number to more than 1 - would it cause the game to crash? I ask because I added a second line where it was a 2…
If not, something else is causing a fatal error.