Administrator required to install.

I don’t understand why this is required, can someone please explain?

Vista? Installing in Program Files?
Program Files (and Windows and a few other directories) are write protected for non-administrators.
Either give permission or (better) install in C:\Games.

XP, and the program doesn’t ask for a location before showing the error message. It just displays the message upon execution, has an Ok box and quits after it has been clicked.

Did you purchase the game using Impulse (aka Stardock Central), or buy it direct from Positech games?

Impulse doesn’t let you choose where you install the game, as I found out with Democracy 2.

Direct from Positech.

I didn’t think administrator was needed at all, but the installer I use may be requiring it on XP. You certainly shouldn’t need to be admin to play however.

Impulse SHOULD let you choose. I bought Kudos 1 through Impulse and it’s in the right folder (Impulse Settings > Folders > Install Locations > My Games)

Wayno, wondering if something’s broke

Yeah, unfortunately it does require it. Any chance for a workaround? This is for an office computer (lots of downtime, yay) and I’d hate to try and explain to the IT guys why I need admin rights =p