Adusting store

Hello, I don’t know if this question is in the right area but I have a small suggestion for improvement:
I should be able to adjust at each station, which parts are needed.
For example, at the light station, only the autosteer headlights (ASHL). So that unnecessary waiting times can be avoided.

At my game it even goes so far that even all normal headlights (NHL) disappear, even though they are not needed (if on the store are 4 ASHL and 12 NHL). After the installation on the car the whole store (of the light station) is empty and the next car is waiting again. Ok, that can be a bug, but the question is the same. If I only want ASHL on this line, I should be able to adjust, shouldn’t I?
Or should it not rather be that I only need two ASHL and two NHL, because in the back of the car I don’t need ASHL. Ok, actually I need backlights in the back. :wink:

I know that Cliffski has mentioned in the past that he will be looking into balancing the game better in future. He has been focusing on bugs for now before moving onto newer features.