Advanced Backdrop Graphics Corruption

Just checking to see if I am the only one…

I have narrowed down a problem with graphic corruption when clicking on the “Start Playing” button.

Whenever I have the “Advanced Backdrop” option checked, I get graphics corruption on the bottom third of my screen and cannot move the mouse cursor into the corrupted portion. The game seems to run good so far with this option unchecked. Not a game breaker, but I thought you ought to be aware of it.

It happens with version 1.18 - 1.22.

If this is any help:

Windows XP sp2 (all current updates)
Athlon 64 3700+
1GB dual Corsair RAM
nVidia 7800GS (AGP) with Driver Version: 169.21 (Dec 19, 2007)
DirectX 9 (Nov 2007)
with or without any TSRs (i.e., AVG, Zone alarm) present

If you need anything else, let me know.

Indeed, I stopped using that system after Kudos because of this, Basically kudos uses non square graphics and builds images ‘on the fly’ and some video cards really do not like that combination :frowning:

I haven’t played Kudos for a while so i tried it tonight and i am having the same problem.
I have an Nvidia Geforce 7600 GT. I don’t remember having this problem before and i’m sure
i was using the same graphics card, setup and version 1.22 last time i played. Strange…

Thats’ strange. maybe a driver setting has changed? Newer cards like that should certainly support it, I know it works on my 8800.

I was playing Kudos today and i had forgot about the advanced backdrop issue.
Has the problem been solved?
My current setup is Windows Vista Home Premium 32-Bit,
Nvidia Geforce 7600 GT with driver update 175.16. Kudos is version 1.22.

this sounds very weird, according to this:

"Support for non-power of two textures "

But that bug suggest this is not true (or working correctly). I suspect this is a driver related problem :frowning:

I’m sure that when i purchased my computer at the beginning of 2007, Kudos worked fine with my current graphics card. The driver updates from nvidia may have created this issue.

you can always rely on Microsoft and nvidia to assume everyone just wants the latest fastest bloated software, and not to care about supporting people with older stuff… It’s like they pretend the hundreds of thousands of directx7 apps cannot possibly be used any more.