Advanced settings suggestion

Game works very quickly even if all policies are active unlike in Democracy 3 :wink:
Is it possible to add option, where you can choose more simulated voters, for example 5 000, or 10 000?
This would make more fine grained simulation.

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Hmmm. Theoretically this is trivial although TBH I’m not sure anybody would really notice the difference, as there are very few circumstances where a particular effect/policy demographic comes down to just 1 or 2 voters.

The other issue would mean that the rendering of some charts showing individual voters would get disproportiontey slower. Maybe…

I shall certainly give it some thought during early access.

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I have another advanced setting suggestion:
Allow to scale generated political between 0.5x and 2x.
At 0.5x you would have to strategically spend political capital, but likely you would be locked out of policies, that need more than 30 political capital to introduce or cancel.

At 2x it would be more sandboxy - you would have easier time to please unhappy voter groups while fixing country problems.

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Let’s have some advanced UI settings? Like the multiple slider or atleast 2 slider suggestion?