after 20h of game...

Production Line is a great game… notably for the engineer I am…
However I have some suggestions after 20hours playing this game:

  1. The management of the showroom is a bit confusing for me, I can’t find the pieces of information I need. Maybe a recursive explorer could help: when I enter the panel I see all the car family (sedan, SUV, compact, sport, offroad, pickup), clicking on a family I can see the versions I’ve designed to address the different markets, clicking again on a version will display all the vehicles of this version. The interest could be to display different averaged pieces of information at the different levels of the recursive explorer.

  2. On the “car designs” panel, it would be great to group the options which are concurrent: if I choose led headlights I cannot choose xenon headlights, both options should be very close as they are linked. Same for the panoramic/sun roof.

  3. When starting to produce pieces in the factory, I need to know how many pieces I produce and how many I consume; information I could not see anywhere at the time.

  4. In the “importing” preference tab, I think it could be easier to display all the possible resources with respect to the options which are activated on the unit, rather than only the ones which are needed to manufacture the car currently on the unit (this information is already displayed on the “requirements” frame). When micro-managing the production line I have to wait all the car types flow through my line to change the import preference of all pieces.

  5. Determining the price of a car is very difficult and I have not yet understood what determines the market range (budget, mid-range, expensive, luxury), it is not the options, neither the absolute sell price (20 000$< X < 25 000$), neither the margin (20% < X < 30%) but a combination of all of that. Hard to tune… In addition, a colour code or a small indicator at the end of the car name (with 0 to 3 stars) could help to visualise the category of a car.

  6. It would be great to be able to demolish only resource conveyors

French language translation missing/errors:

  1. In the “importing” preference tab, the default “any” import preference is literally translated into “tout” which I understand as “import all”, thus not using my local parts… I think a better term would be “indifferent”.

  2. Producing the headlights notably, we don’t have any name for the xenon, the led and the automatic headlights. It becomes then very difficult to play the game without knowing what is activated and produced. I don’t know how your language pack is implemented but I would prefer having the english term rather than nothing…

That’s all for now, I will continue to play this game for hours and hours…

I think no. 2 is a very good point actually. I’ve been getting a bit lost with the massive list myself sometimes. A bit of grouping of items together might help sort that out.

No. 3 has already been developed I think. I seem to remember it being in one of Cliffski’s development blogs. It might be something in the next update of the game. Try have a look at video 66 see if it’s in there.

No.4 I noticed this the other day. I think it’s actually a bug rather than something that is intended. Completely forgot to report it though.

No.6 I also agree would be very helpful at times.