After a challenge is beaten, show enemy ships builds

It would be very useful if the game would allow you to examine your opponent’s ship configurations and what orders they were given after you’ve beaten a challenge. I can see why you wouldn’t reveal this information before the challenge is beaten, but revealing it after you’ve won is useful and would give you more information on why your certain tactics worked while others did not. This would also add some extra play value to challenges if you want to go back and fine tune your fleet for another try.

While you can observe some information from the battlefield, it’s difficult to do while there’s so much going on and it is not really fun to have to zoom in on a ship to examine it’s turrets. Also some ships like Alliance ships don’t display their turrets at all.

I’m pretty sure that some people who post challenges don’t want others to know their configurations: otherwise this is a good suggestion. Maybe the one that made the challenge could tick a box which would allow others to see the configurations?
And, I’m postitive that Alliance ships show turrets: they just are camouflaged with skill.

Hmm, seems a little strange why some people wouldn’t want their ship designs known after they have published their challenge. If you want to keep your designs secret, don’t publish them! :wink:

But I suppose it is possible. Right now it is possible to figure out most designs through observation and testing, it’s just more time consuming that way.