Agri/Farm Regulation

Policy to regulate farms and agriculture, to protect farmers and/or consumers and/or the environment, etc.

Which can lead to an event where you can "nationalize’ farms.

We’ll all know if you bought the farm!


I don’t think this is going to be taken seriously if you don’t suggest policies.

Because there are actually policies for both of those.

Well, one general policy for all this, I’m trying to not be too specific, to reduce complexity as much as possible.

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Ah don’t worry, an example test-policy never hurt anyone!

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Subsidize farmer implements and equipments, to stop stubble burning for the next planting season (and to reduce farmer poverty). This would increase unemployment as farmers would not hire labourers to burn the stubble.

And of course other effects.

Stubble burning - Wikipedia

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Oooh, stubble burning is usually banned.

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Heatwave is introduced, yes? I wish the game had seasonal wildfires like in Australia and America.

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Yep, there’s heatwave, maybe it’s a proxy? Speaking of which, we need a fire engine/dept policy which can supress this event. :slight_smile:

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There’s certainly many revolutions in agritech going on lately, and sustainable farming is a huge tenet of the climate movement. Since agriculture is such a massive industry, both have a massive way to go. I would love to see ways that regulation in agriculture is influenced, or influences technology and the environment by modelling those transitions.