AI not releasing product



I have created a custom game mode, and everything was running fine until I saved the game, exited, then reopened. Now, the AI will not release new products for whatever reason. While this is good for me, I would rather they released a product (annoyingly) every minute… like they used to.

Any ideas how I can fix this without starting from scratch?

Thanks :slight_smile:


You mention a save; it would probably help Tim find the problem if you attached it; reproduceable bugs are the best kind.


I’m not sure about the “exited, then reopened” part, but you can probably create Custom games that baffle certain AIs.

Each one has a pre-determined “plan” (for researching, upgrading) and it is possible you created conditions where its “plan” can’t progress.

Viewing the .sav file (as enzymus suggested) can see what the AI has (Ingredients, Cure, Production lines) and maybe determine why it stalled.


Yes please attach your save file. I will take a look and see if I can fix things in a future update.