ai question defender

I was play ing attacker in rue de saint elol I got my fist units ready to go hit start battle It look like compouter occuply 2/3 emplacements with turrerts and fill the trenches with infantry. question is is ai limited to same amount of supplies when setting up its defenes or does it fudge the number noticed this in other scen???

Don’t forget that you get charged for each individual soldier, not for the unit. So a 25 man platoon costing 675 supply would only cost 162 supply to deploy in the end of a trench where there’s only room for six soldiers.

As a defender this means on infantry heavy maps you’re sometimes better off deploying large numbers of infantry before starting the battle, as deploying them within the battle the limiting factor is often the refresh rate on unit types rather than supply.

(I don’t have GTB installed on this PC so can’t recall whether platoons are 15, 20, 25 or some other size, but the principle holds)