AI request for [MOD]

2 requests for MOD related to AI’s.

Does anyone have a MOD that changes the AI file? Specifically that changes the “plan”:[ ] of an AI - mixing up the order or things in the plan.
I don’t get errors in the file, but my AI doesn’t seem to do much, and when I look in the .sav file, the AI si doing nothing - no $ spent, nothing researched, no production lines started.

A MOD that changes the file to refer to a SPECIFIC AI… e.g.

I can’t get it to work (only “random” seems to be allowed)

ps. I CAN get the following to work to modify the AI’s in (add a 4th AI - hard to click the tab b/c mostly obscured, but it works).


5 AI’s even. Why would you want this? If you have a MOD that has AI’s gang up on the player.

Or if you are testing MOD to the AI file and have only modified a few AIs w/in that file, this can make it more likely the modified AI is chosen (b/c you get 5 of the 7 remaining AIs).

4th AI - Chan/Katana

5th Ai - Jenny/Expedite

now works fine, not sure if b/c of today’s update or earlier user error.

still looking for another MOD example of an AI.