Air Raid Siren

Wanted: Option to turn off the air raid siren or to make it a different sound. It’s so annoying!!!

(Alternatively, I could just replace the sound effect .ogg myself…)

Seconded… or just one cycle.

This will no longer loop in 1.003

Is there any chance of it being an option to have it repeat (even if the default is having it not repeat)? I like the urgency that having it there brings. It isn’t terribly important, though.

I agree with having it if a person wants to. :slight_smile: It sorta is nostalgic, of all the old war movies, the sirens wailing… :slight_smile:
when i was a kid, all the movies had to have that! So did Ozzy as a matter of fact. Loved the song, though I wasn’t crazy about Ozzy.


Gah! I had to change all kinds of stuff to stop it looping (for boring reasons). I think I’ll stick with it as a one-off, it’s pretty long.