AI's don't use Drug Packer -why not?

Playing w/ AI files and notice none of them have an entry for researching the Drug Packer.

Why is that? does the AI code not have the ability to take advantage of it? Or are they already considered too OP (in terms of drug output) to give them this advanced capability?

They also don’t have advanced_auxiliary,(nor research_centrifuge)

The AI isn’t constrained in building space like we are, so they have no use for the drug packer. If they need more space, they just purchase another building.

thanks for reply. i think somewhere Tim/Dev said AI DOES play by rules of increasing plot cost, so wouldn’t drug packer be better option
than more space in late game (when plot costs go way up)?

One thing to bear in mind - it’s not plot/building numbers that require a drug packer. It’s limited number of ports. We don’t know if the AI has that constraint or not.

True, but I CAN see (in .sav), for each AI, the # production lines and each lines’ #belts, space, machines used and the drug/effect being made.

I’m pretty sure “space” is factory floor space and somewhere I thought Tim said the AI use a ratio of floor space for ports, so that would, in a way, limit # ports. I can’t recall where I saw Tim write that ratio.

i dont know that

AIs are properly constrained in both space and sockets now. But strangely, the way their algorithms work, they generally have plenty of sockets so not much need for the drug packer. Would be cool to do another pass at AI at some point and create a packer-oriented strategy for maybe Barclay or Jenny, who favour low-tier cures.


How do their algorithms work? If they’re constrained by sockets then it can only make sense to use packers so you can ship multiple inputs to one output and thus be able to take more inputs …

It’s a couple of things I think:

  1. They aren’t very good production line designers so they run out of space quicker than sockets.
  2. The choice of cures they go for often leads them to run out of space quicker than sockets.

It’s not that I’ve designed them to do this deliberately, but I have watched them play many times with all the debug info showing and it is very rare they are ever limited by their number of sockets.