Alcohol Tax Hits Poverty and Equality Even if Consumption is Zero

I raised alcohol tax to its maximum to see if it would lead to zero consumption, it did but the negative effect of the tax on poverty and equality was still there and actually getting worse by about 0.1% a turn, to be clear, the numbers say no one is drinking and no tax is coming in.

In reality a 75% alcohol tax probably wouldn’t deter that many rich or even middle income people from drinking, I’m not sure you could ever stop alcohol consumption without banning its sale/consumption, and even then you might stir up prohibition era-style bootlegging and speakeasies.

It could be interesting to have a ‘Black Market’ situation occur if you’re heavily taxing alcohol, tobacco, and/or luxury goods.

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Tobacco Tax, meanwhile, doesn’t do that (which is right)
I also saw Congestion Charging keeps giving you income even if there is no car.

  • New Car Subisides
  • Fuel Efficiency Standards
  • Electric Cars Initiative
  • Car Emission Limits
  • Ban Low MPG Cars
  • Car Pooling Campaign
    Will all cost you money with zero cars and full electrification.
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They also increase motorist income and stuff too.

I think reworking some of those is waiting on cliff to make a ui that can actually display the more complicated relationships between sim values.

Have these been reworked?

I think that black market is only triggered by a high sales tax. But as it stands currently, do these taxes feed into the black market now?

How do you even get full electrification with zero cars?