All patches?

Cliff, if you’ve haven’t thrown away the original patches, could you set up links for them? I’d like to see what the game was like in 1.0, even if there are bugs that aren’t fixed. Is this a possibility? (PLZ SAY YES!) Or perhaps just the early patches? (aka patches 1.0 – 1.5)

That’s harder than it sounds, because no patches delete stuff, so you would actually need the very first installer of the game, and to wipe everything and go from there. I have got it somewhere, but then that needs to verify you have the full copy, and it all gets a bit messy.

no, no, i meant… like… a back-up. or another installer sent to the e-mail who requests it. (only ones who have ordered the game already tho ;D) the installer would contain the patch(es) or something. the reason why is i’ve been reading your blog for a LOOOONG time and I’ve seen that you can select a ship and tell it to attack another. i think that feature has been removed, but i’ve also seen that you can damage your ships just by clicking on them (or something like that) from a youtube vid. this makes it VERY interesting :D. not an auto patch, of course. i don’t think anyone wants their game fully REPLACED. but a back-up is good. a back up is good…

those arent in earlier versions, but just when running the game in debug mode from the development environment :smiley:

shrug maybe a link from the GSB main site?