All station upgrade options need to cost more

Once you get going, there’s never a second thought about adding new options to the floor stations. Their costs are so low it’s almost like “why bother even asking?”. I mean this in a nice way as the game is really wonderful that we can get down to some of the gameplay dynamics to critique them :slight_smile: . So I would suggest the prices for them at least be doubled, more likely tripled or quadrupled.
Because when you have an option in a game it really should be used and should be a questionable decision. Right now there’s no question.

A different tact would be that some options have additional parts that take up valuable stockpile space causing a bottleneck that needs to be solved if you want to keep the cars moving through quickly. Then you would have to think… “if I’m not going to really use this upgrade all the time, maybe I shouldn’t add it as it will be taking up inventory space I need for my main car models”.

Interesting. This has come up a few times, and the upgrade costs, especially the robot ones, have been increased several times during early access already. I agree that they become a bit of a no-brainer, and that the costs should possibly be ramped higher, although the reason we haven’t increased them substantially is because we have concentrated on the counter-problem, which is that the player ends up with too much money later in the game.

Which side to tackle the balance is the question then. Interesting dilemma. :slight_smile: