Allow fighters to claim victory


I was lucky enough (I think luck played a significant role so far) to win all of my battles (five of them, I’m quite new to the game don’t worry, bought it very recently)… except for one, which according to the current game “rules”, or perhaps sole victory condition, was lost, but on a purely technical and tactical point of view I won it, completely in fact, I destroyed all the enemy ships and fighters, but my own fighters did it, they did the final blow to the enemy fleet. What happened, more clearly, is that I opted to go for more fighters than usual and give it a try that way, I had four frigates and two cruisers. My frigates were destroyed fast, sadly, and my cruisers lasted some time until all I had left were my fighters, but I had lots of them, more precisely I had deployed six squadrons of them. At the beginning of the battle my fighters destroyed all enemy fighters within a minute or so, then they proceeded on harassing the enemy frigates and then their cruisers. By the time my fighters started attacking the enemy cruisers my own frigates were long gone and I only had a badly damaged cruiser left, which was destroyed.

At the very moment that my last “ship” (non-fighter) was destroyed the little “Defeat!” screen popped-up, my first one, but I was very surprised to see it already, I immediately thought to myself: «But… but… my fighters are there! I can still win! NO!!!» … and that’s indeed what happened, well of course it took some time, but my fighters destroyed four… four enemy cruisers by themselves without assistance of anything else other than the distracting debris of my own ships drifting about, so despite the presence of that defeat window I let the game run behind it just to see what would happen and unfortunately that defeat status seemed quite permanent. So, here is my suggestion, please, let the fighters claim victory of a battle if by themselves they can do it, don’t “force” a defeat just because non-fighter ships are gone. If you want you can make those victories purely “for fun”, what I mean is that they could not “count” or anything important on-line, you know, not making them part of any popular or unpopular challenges, or perhaps have them in their own category, or simply give the player new victory condition options in which we can chose between letting fighters win battles or not, and that it would be specified in the on-line challenges’ descriptions.

By the way here’s a screen-shot of the battle in question I took at the very end, you can see on the radar, left side, is were my remaining victorious-but-not-so-victorious fighters went to after they won… or lost… or I don’t even know what to call that outcome haha!:

Yes? No? Is it possible? I would like it certainly.

I think the question is how those fighters are gonna get home on their own

Or when that air supply is going to run out.

What ships are allowed to claim victory would ideally be part of the scenario file.

In other words, allow the scenario designer to set what ships, point value of ships, % of ships, whatever is required for victory.

If one player is the “defender” of a planetary system, then the fighters should be allowed to claim victory, for example. If they had to get there (using whatever FTL GSB imagines), then no.

This is another factor I’d like to see added to ships. Add a module slot to all the frigates and cruisers, and add some “jump/hyperspace/FTL drive” modules, and then have the scenario files require a certain % of ships have them (varied based on scenario).

This would create yet more variation in fights, since “System Defense Boats” (again, to borrow from Traveller) don’t need FTL. The attacker, OTOH, has to get there. Ideally you’d only be allowed a certain number of fighter squadrons per fighter bay.