Allow the laying of resource conveyors in blueprint mode

Allow the laying of resource conveyors in blueprint mode. Barring that, if the game is paused in blueprint mode, allow it to stay in pause upon exiting blueprint mode, to allow the placement of the resource conveyors.

All these orange popups about the new machines not being connected, gets in the way of laying out the conveyors.

also show the direction of ground conveyors in blueprint mode.
I currently don’t even use it because I don’t trust it will put them in the correct direction because I already have issues with that even when I can see the texture for the conveyors already lol

I have run across a few times where the direction was not apparent.

I hooked up one line line today that worked, but contaminated my line with cars that didn’t belong. My fault. Being mixed in, I ending up destroying a lot good cars, to weed out the bad.

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