Alpha feedback

I’ve realized I should probably make my suggestions a single post rather than multiple.

  1. More slider descriptions: I like having descriptions of the intensity of the policy rather than low medium or maximum. Great example of this already in game is something like Military size. More policies should have this. It makes me feel more like I’m actually governing a country rather than simply moving sliders around.
  2. Capital controls! Fantastic policy that adds a lot of balance to the game. Other suggestions here would be to reduce the impact of worker safety law, it seems quite disproportionate.
  3. Why do technology colleges reduce equality and socialist happiness? I’ve never understood this.
  4. Carbon tax should continue to bring in revenue even if the environment slider is maxed out - while people still use cars and other things. Seems strange that all of a sudden I have a massive deficit because I’ve bettered the environment.
  5. Revenues from state owned enterprises. I love the one-time cost of nationalization. But take a look at for example the costed proposals from the 2017 labour manifesto. These industries bring in revenue too. There shouldn’t be a limitation that they can only be run at a loss. Furthermore, more sectors should be able to be nationalized, such as the banks.
  6. Why does making labour laws better increase strike intensity? Often the objective of a strike is to increase labour laws to be pro-labour. Strikes happen when you try to take away the rights of workers. I understand perhaps the idea is to be like Thatcher and break the power of unions by taking away rights but I think that should more affect union membership rather than strike motivation. Otherwise this should be balanced with a separate policy, like back to work legislation.
  7. Bringing in a tax fraud department policy. There is a welfare fraud department policy. Why not a tax fraud one to cut down on tax evasion?
  8. Gender equality, press freedom and other indicators are great additions to the game!
  9. Why does disposable income start off as a Bell curve? This is not an accurate simulation of real wealth distribution in the UK. (See: ). After jacking up taxes on the rich and redistributing to the poor like mad, there is really not a big difference in distribution, which makes things disappointing. Added photos to emphasize the point here. Perhaps a good way to fix this problem would be to change initial endowments, or create a capital income system, so that those with greater initial wealth endowments will stay rich unless capital income is taxed or wealth is taxed more.
  10. Emergency powers button: I love this mechanic. However I was a bit surprised as how it was suddenly sprung upon me and then taken away just as quickly. Perhaps an event where your cabinet Ministers approach you and offer you emergency powers, and you can choose to take or reject it. And another event once the crisis is over to keep the powers at the expense of stability and freedoms.
    11.Thanks for the early access Cliff! Great game so far.
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I wholeheartedly approve Point 6.

Many things in this game seem like thatcher personally Programmed them. To be fair, at least the dev is honest about having a somewhat-capitalist bias.

On point 7: there is the public tax returns policy, which helps with Tax evasion.

There is, though it seems not enough. Perhaps due to low carbon tax revenues I’ve had to jack up income and sales taxes to compensate and Im still getting black markets and tax evasion with public tax returns on max