Alpha footage of GTB

Here is a blog post with some alpha footage(on youtube) of gratuitous tank battles, so you can see how it looks right now. … a-footage/
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Awesome footage Cliff.
The mechs look fantastic

I like the loading screen poster :slight_smile:

I actually think i might see a way to use a mech spam army comp…
hmm. I hope you go to an open beta phase, as i’d love to help try and prevent spams!

Okay, I’m a big enough person to admit that to start with, I wasn’t sure that GTB would be my kind of game. Now that I have a bit better understanding of how it works, though, I’m warming to the whole concept. Seeing it in action (and from the man himself!) really helps! I will now be paying much closer attention to the goings-on in this forum. :slight_smile:

(And Cliff, may I say you have much better screen presence than, say, me.)

That vid was done in a relative rush, hopefully later ones will be better :smiley:

Ooph… I thought it was going to be GSB with a different theme. Tower defense games can’t hold my attention for more than a few hours.

This definitely isn’t just another tower defense game :smiley:

indeed =D

More info about GTB
(Check out the Unit editor - Awesome Sauce)