Alrighty, can someone help me decide

So I know that Kudos 2 will be out pretty soon, and I want to buy Kudos cause I loved playing the demo, so I’m not sure which to buy. I’m a little strapped for extra cash flying around, so I probably won’t buy both(atleast for now). So I’m wondering if you think Kudos 2 will be so much better or if it’ll be roughly the same as its predecessor. And will Kudos still cost the same as Kudos 2 after its released?

Kudos 2 will be tons better. I recently slashed the price of the first game to $9.99, so get it now :D.

Alrighty, Sweeeeettt


Thank you

Looks like I just missed the 9.99 slash huh? I bought it late July for $20.