Alt-tab bug and deployment issue.

After alt tabbing and going back into the game the only thing that gets displayed is a black screen, forcing me to exit and rejoin the game.

When in the deployment screen, if you drag select a group of ships the order bar stays with the ship you last had selected, regardless of whether you have it selected or not. This is particularly irritating when trying to set the behaviours of large groups of fighters only to discover that you’ve just set all your beam frigates to engage fighters with 90% priority.

i have the alt-tab issue too, but only when alt-tabbed for significant periods. short durations seem fine (though it sometimes takes quiet a while to re-draw)

I concur that the Alt-Tab bug only appears to manifest when tabbed out for more than a couple of minutes.

with alt-tab, if in windowed mode - after a few minutes, the screen suddenly blanks. but refocusing brings back picture. maybe something goes wrong in fullscreen mode when this happens.