always tired and bored when reaching work


i kept their stats to a pretty low level…is there anyway to counter this?


an mp3 player reduces boredom over your commute. are you walking too far? if you get fit, a long walks not such a problem. maybe its a tiring job?
Watch some exciting TV, or read a book, or socialise with people :smiley:
Or take the odd evening to have a bath or a sleep.


wow ok thanks a bunch…wow you are a one man show aren’t you?i want to be like you…what course should i take to pursue your career?


maths :smiley:


I arrive to work every day feeling bored and stressed. My boredom percentage is at 0 and my stress percentage is at 14%. Why?

P.S. I drive the old car go 6.5 miles to work.


sounds like other things in your life are causing you stress. If you have a high stress job, it might be worth getting some pets, or you may need to spend time with more calm people.


doesn’t seem to make much difference. I have a cat and a dog, plenty of friends, i know how to meditate, my stress and boredom levels are very low(though i am a dentist) yet i still arrive to work every day bored and stressed.


can you email me the save game? I’ll take a look. they are in your mydocuments/kudos/savegames directory.