Amazing game, really appreciate it - Theory of Constraints, the game!

I really really enjoy this game!

I’m only new to the game (after the steam release) but it has so much potential and is already quite fun for me.

Cliff, are you a fan of the Theory of Constraints or Eli Goldratt’s work? The game is one of the best examples I’ve seen for visualising the effects of bottlenecks in systems.

  • You can see inventory backing up with the car icons, so identifying the bottleneck is usually easy
  • Buffers (stockpiles) before bottlenecks to ensure they are never starved
  • No effect on throughput to add “more robots” past the bottleneck etc.

I love it! I can’t wait to see where the game goes.

Hi, I am not…but will read with interest. Thanks

Yes, total game application of TOC. It can be said as ‘You can’t get more out of your operation than you can get out of your last bottleneck.’ But writing that down wouldn’t sell books.

Indeed, my inspiration for it, apart from reading about teslas factories and the story of the model T ford, is partly because as a programmer, i LOVE optimisation of code (which many coders hate doing). I find it to be a fascinating and rewarding game to go through all the analysis and charts and stats and work out what code changes will have the most impact on performance.
Thats pretty much the type of fun and challenge I’ve tried to implement in the game.

Might be the reason why many AAA-Games with average graphic need high-end pc. :wink:

Same classic game that I remember. It truly makes you think but that is the reason I love it.