Amazing gif showing....crossroads???

Check it out: … 8958346240

Awesome! That’s really the biggest complaint with this game I have, the lack of the ability to cross belts. I’d prefer it if there was something that let you cross belts with both going at 1x speed (whereas this shares the speed between the two belts).

Although I suppose a 2x2 grid of these would let you do that if they’re implemented properly, since each of the 4 crossing belts would go at 0.5x speed, leading to a total of 1x speed in each direction. Paying in extra space for your increased speed would fit with the theme of this game.

Then the only question left is how soon this can be pushed out in a patch so I can try it out. :wink:

I would still prefer under-overs for full speed.

I can see big pharma 2 having upgrades deal with speed increase in machines and input output nodes.

The current (not set in stone) schedule is for this to be in the patch coming next Thursday! (9th July)

Cool! Are any of the other features on planned for that update as well? Those two new scenarios sound like fun. :wink: