An amusing GSB battle.

Just thought I’d share something that happened in GSB which I found amusing.

I’d made an Outcast cruiser-only fleet that was … lacking … in fighter defenses to throw at Defend Caspian IV (the version that comes with GSB, not one from any mods). Anyways, my twelve cruisers wiped out all the enemy cruisers and all but one of the enemy frigates for one of my cruisers, at which point the score was sitting at 92-10, and all that was left on the enemy side were all the fighters they had, and one frigate sitting on the wall. I then proceeded to lose cruisers without ever killing any fighters that I know of (which is understandable, since I equipped my ships solely with MWMs, Guidance Scramblers, and Decoy Projectors, thinking I’d wipe out the enemy frigates and cruisers when the ships of the line met in the center and would only need enough defense to keep the fighters off until the last enemy ship died) until I had only two cruisers left, one of which was about to enter firing range of the sole remaining frigate. Then the trailing cruiser’s armor failed, and it died before the second MWM from the leading cruiser could kill the frigate (which I saw die just after the defeat message popped up).

Thought I’d share since I found it rather amusing to go from nearly winning at 92-10 to losing at 8-10 because (1) I didn’t bring anything capable of killing fighters in a timely manner and (2) I managed to disable a frigate early enough in the battle for it to go sit at the wall, and with my cruisers at 0.14 speed they just couldn’t cross half the battlefield quickly.

That is definitely a tale for those who like to root for the underdog. :slight_smile:

I’ll share something similar that made me chuckle a while back too. While using my disgustingly overpowered homegrown mod (the Cheaters), I deployed a dozen identical frigates on the Orion Ambush survival. Now, since one frigate is less than 10% of the fleet in this case, I had one living ship when the game declared defeat. At this point the survival waves stop jumping in, and my lone frigate promptly mopped up everything else on the map. So the defeated fleet winds up with the only surviving ship. I found it pretty funny.

Funny things usually happen whenever a very specialized fleet is deployed. I’ve fielded quite the opposite: an Order fleet with pure fighters, save for two frigates set to escort and formation with each other. When the battle started, my frigates steered themselves into a corner and turtled there for the entire duration, and my fighters systematically wiped out the enemy fighters, frigates, and then the cruisers before any ships came within range of my frigates. Admittedly a couple of enemy fighters slipped past my fighter swarm, but they were laser fighters that were hitting from outside the shields, so my frigates held. It was rather exciting to watch, since the enemy had some anti-fighter defenses, so it was a race to see who perished first.