An exploit or working as intended?

It seems to be the case that when you invite a friend to an event which they can’t attend that your relationship with them receives a little boost. This does make sense, as I suppose they feel that it’s nice to be invited. However, this boost still occurs when you invite somebody to an activity which they recently took part in. This means that you can, for example, invite all your friends out bowling. From then on, every day, you can invite them all again. They will all say no, but your relationship will be boosted with each of them. If you do this every day you can have a great relationship with everyone whilst rarely socialising with them. This feels like an exploit to me.

Also, just a minor bug; Going to church says it reduces loneliness, but it seems to increase it. I would think reducing it is the correct result.

Cheers for the game Cliffski, enjoying it!

it is intentional that they like being invited, but I guess you are right in that it can be exploited by rampant invite spamming. I may have to consider some code that limits the amount of times per week someone can feel fuzzy about an invite…
I’ll look into the church thing too.

Another ‘exploit’, one that was also in Kudos 1 and one I am hesitant to report…

If you have a pet that needs food, you can do your evening activity as normal and then still use the ’ buy pet food’ note to go shopping: essentially a free extra activity for the evening.

Can I suggest that a better solution might be to not give the relationship a boost when inviting someone to an activity they’ve recently taken part in. In that case their response is more “oh no, not that again” rather than "cheers for the invite, but I can’t make it. It might be an easier fix and it would make most sense in my opinion.

Yes I think you are right, Cheers.

please do it quickly, i cant stop myself from spamming opera invitations every evening. it makes the game easy as pie … and once discovered i cant resist the few extra clicks. please!