An Idea for DLC or update(NATIONS)

Hey there, I have been playing Democracy 4 now for a month or two and I believe that I have done most of what could be done in the USA and Germany. I had an idea of a foreign relations update or something. If there was a more in-depth foreign relations management screen where you could make economic ties, embargos(and more). I believe it would make for a very interesting DLC. I would easily spend more money on something like this. Wars on the other hand is an extreme but non-the-less interesting.


I’m not sure it’s wise to plan out DLCs when you’re still in an Alpha, but I agree that having foreign relations as an end game could be interesting (even something as simple as a global leader-board where you could make the The Democratic Republic of the Congo to be the most powerful country on earth and in history). It’s kind of the same spirit as Rimworld, where the early game is survival but the mid-end game is more about strategy and exploration.