An idea

I love this game, over one day I’ve being playing it a fair amount. However, there is one big thing which can make the game a little frustrating for me. The difference in starting conditions is huge. Sometimes you get the best area with two nice drugs that are easy to use. Other times you get an awful starting area and two drugs that have negative active effects you cannot remove fully overlapping with the positive ones and sadly the latter is more common. Some times I have loaded up the game, restarted games for about 30 minutes trying to get a start that could work and then just quit. I understand why this system is good and fun for some people but perhaps have a game type where you have choices such as:

  1. A choice in starting area
  2. A choice in your starting drugs from a list of a few possible ones
  3. Choose how much of the tech tree will be available and the drug locations you can explore
  4. Starting money
  5. Custom goals (perhaps have a few goals in one go for example)

Choices in starting conditions may come for ‘sandbox mode.’

But for now tim is still working on the core game. You’ll probably have your customization eventually. Keep in mind, though, your competitors have to deal with the same starting drugs that you do.

If you look in the game files you can actually edit a lot of the start conditions for the scenarios with a text editor like notepad++. For me they are in C:\Program Files (x86)\Big Pharma\Big Pharma_Data\GameData

You will have to run your text editor in administrator mode.

I second the idea of custom/multiple concurrent goals.