An increase to no stat

Since my character became a botanist, he’s been receiving a green +1 circle within the basic diary info whenever he arrives at work. Stats otherwise are modified properly with their own plus and minus circle icons. I’ve quit and reloaded, but the issue continues. I didn’t have it when he was a lowly waiter.

My theory is that this +1 is actually applying experience to the skills. Where the +1 appears, behind it is what would normally be the list of skills, so things like work experience and, if your job skill isn’t at 100%, the job related skill as well going up. Compare where the +1 appears with where the law experience bar is

Perhaps I wasn’t very clear. This stat increase icon occurs in the middle of the diary page, not on the right, where it would naturally occur to show affects on all (or any) stats.

It does sound like a skill change, which shouldn’t be visible there. Could you grab a screenshot? Also, could you email me a save game so I can try and reproduce it?

On their way.

Damn. Found it. I will fix this and lump it in with some other stuff and do a proper update, but not sure when. Not tomorrow. I can’t patch twice in three days, that’s silly :slight_smile:
It is indeed your skills going up.