An issue of randomness

I’m glad the issue of minister starting loyalties got fixed, however there is another problem:

Too much of whether the first re-election will be winnable will depend on what loyalties my random draw of ministers had, and how many of them will bail on me and do how much damage to me in the polls. I really think we need some sort of pre game. Nobody wakes up one day to realize they started being president or prime minister today, it’s something people put a great deal of effort into striving for. In doing so, they will have run a campaign with a platform or manifesto or whatever you title the package of promises they made to get into office, and what groups of voters put them there. We need a pre game where we set a couple manifesto topics and voter group sympathies. This could then be used to influence what random draw of loyalties our starting ministers have.

I think I’m going to start every game by checking minister loyalties, and just restarting if there are too many who are going to be a problem.

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