An issue with situations

It seems that the less wealthy a country is (as listed in its mission file), the more situations it will get at the beginning of each game. Right?

The problem is that situations are assigned in a rather ad hoc way. For instance, if you start the game with Sweden imported from Democracy 1, you will get issues such as street gangs, Inner City riots, Organized Crime, Vigilante Mobs… Seriously… In Sweden?

Maybe there could be something like a “social stability” factor for each country, that would filter the assignment of situations at the beginning of each game, independently of how wealthy the country is in terms of GDP. In real life, how big the GDP of a country is is not really a good indicator of how much social issues it faces. The GDP of Mexico is twice as big as that of Sweden, but Mexico obviously faces more issues of organized crime and violence (and I don’t mean to offend Mexicans or to suggest that Mexico is to blame for this situation).

Generalizing the idea, there could be a number of additional factors in the mission files that could influence the selection of situation at the start of the game. For instance, one could imagine that a growth factor would impact of unemployment, and so on. So for instance, a country inspired by France would be more likely to get a high unemployment situation than a country like Mexico, although the GDP of France is greater than that of Mexico.

That would not affect the overall simulation inside the game, jut the selection of situations at the beginning of a game. Right now, it’s just wealth that influences that, right? Or maybe I’m wrong and there is a finer way to influence situation selection already implemented in the game.

What do you think?