Analyze Tier 2+?

Is it possible to Analyze tier 2 and higher cures? For example, I can choose ingredients and analyze the side effects and the tier 1 cures, but when I process ingredients into tier 2, I’m not able to put those into the Analyzer.

Convert your ingredients into the second (or third tier) as you would if you would produce the drug - Then put them into the analyzer.

I usually place one just before the pill printers/creamers if I have a drug that needs some looking into.

Thanks. :slight_smile:

The downside with that is that it will cost you all the extra processing cost. Getting one up as fast as possible and then analyzing it right away (without trying to remove downsides) will cost you less in processing costs, but might take longer, as it will have to analyze all the downsides, before it gets to the positive effect.

Very true - I’m just too lazy to change an existing production line or make a new one just for testing. Much simpler to just let the Analyzer eat up finished medicine and move it away afterwards and do corrections if needed.

Ha, thats a very good point and it had never occurred to me before :smiley:

I normally do it right after the cure is upgraded on an existing line. This usually means I’m paying the minimal processing cost to analyze it. If a machine is in the way I just move it somewhere until I’m done.

You can reduce the cost of analyzing even further if all side effects are known to you before you investigate the higher tier cures.

I have an analyzer sitting somewhere in my factory and feed each new ingredient into it, so if I test a higher level cure I just need to find the concentration of the new effect.