Ancient races/history/timeline

The title tells all :stuck_out_tongue:
Actually, 'Ancient races is from a comment I made in a thread just thinking out loud, which sparked an off topic conversation, so I made a new thread :slight_smile:
The other parts are about the fact that since this is a game based on fiction, the mods have stories. And these stories are written like history. So I though it would be a good idea to have a timeline or ‘history of the universe’ as a reference to anyone wishing to make a story based mod. Or anyone who’s just plain bored :stuck_out_tongue: Anyways, here is what I have so far found, please don’t be offended if I didn’t include a mod I just took a look around. Oh yeah, GW means Galactic War, When the Federation, Alliance, Rebels, and Empire got involved in a big pointless war. BGW is before Galactic War.

100,000 BGW: Rise of Aegyptus
80,000 BGW: Battle of Scarabia IV; Rift opens; new races come in, fall of Aegyptus.
30,000 BGW: Empire formed
10,000 BGW: Rebels devote their entire lives to fighting against Imperial Wars.
100 GW: Federation formed from massive banking conglomerate.
1 GW: The Spiderri Alliance is formed and launches and attack on the Federation…
0 GW: Start of Galactic War!
10 GW: Arrival of the Tribe
17 GW: Arrival of the Legios
26 GW: Arrival of the Order
38 GW: Rise of the Scavengers
50 GW: Swarm Invasion
54 GW: Arrival of the Legios
65 GW: The Uni-T cleansers arrive!
68 GW: The Union fights back!
70 GW: Nomads move through this part of the universe
74 GW: His Voice Crusaders begin their crusades
75 GW: Praetorian Industries decides they should conquer the universe.
78 GW: The deserters split off from the order
80 GW: The insurgents split of from the empire and tribe
86 GW: The 3xper1ment4l era begins
100 GW: The Shadow arrives
150 GW: Aegyptus tries to rise once again

NOTE: I only included mods that are part of the GSB UNIVERSE, not mods that add races from other universes.
NOTE #2: Please tell me if any are missing or order of event is off.

What about Praetorian Industries?

I MEAN EVERYONE [size=150]KNOWS[/size] [size=200]ME[/size]… [size=85]I MEAN[/size], [size=200]MY MOD[/size], DAMN BASTAR…!!!
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And It’s OUR mod :wink:

Uh i mean, yeah what about praetorian ind??
They are suposed to be a little old, just that.
Oh and you missed the Federation, Rebels and the Aliance

Some months ago I started writing my own fan-made GSB timeline but I never wrote enough about it to realease it to public. The only released slice is that little list of events in the introduction of my mod but after seeing this I could get around to finishing it when I have time :slight_smile:

Well… after finding the file seems I didn’t write that much… or I left the newest one somewhere else :frowning:

Just a little slice of the Imperial timeline :smiley:
(I need to fix a couple of names and dates, and maybe make some events to happen waaaay later, 384 & 397)
AEC -> After Empire Creation (come on, is the Imperial timeline after all :P)

[size=85]Disclaimer: Everything in the following lines is completely fan-made and may not match with the official GSB story nor the mentioned mods stories[/size]

[i]0 AEC
Creation of the Empire by Julius I “the diplomat” from the union of the species in the Directorium
galaxy. The planet Rome becomes the capital of the Empire.

81 AEC
Death of Julius I. His son, Julius II “the smart”, becomes the new emperor.

93 AEC
Julius II sends the whole Imperial army to subjugate the only race in the Directorium galaxy who
hasn’t joined the Empire.
Starts the Spartanian war.

278 AEC
The development of the Obdrigon weapon by Imperial scientists starts.

342 AEC
First test of the Obdrigon in the Pompei system.

347 AEC
The Empire obliterates the Spartanian homeplanet, Spartus, using the Obdrigon. The Spartanians
don’t surrender nor show any sign of falling back.

384 AEC
Open protests against the use of the Obdrigon by Imperial citizens start.

393 AEC
The last Spartanian ship is destroyed. The Spartanian war oficially ends.

397 AEC
Pete IV “the coward” orders to destroy the Obdrigon in order to stop the protests from the Imperial
population. The construction of any weapons similar to this one is completely forbidden by law.[/i]

After seriously looking at 397 that event seems really stupid.
If anyone wonders why there’s so many years between events, that’s because my intention was to cover the 30k years since the creation of the Empire.

BTW more or less by mod/DLC appearence the first ones should be:
Uni-T & Union
His Voice
and then the rest of mods

(this is unless their authors state they appeared in the “past” or later)

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Oh yeah… Praetorian Industries… Whats that again?
[size=50]Joking, of course![/size]
And wait, I thought the Empire was 10k years, not 30k? Oh well. I will edit.

PS Thanks for the rough timeline of mods/DLCs

Well their in-game description states:

So more or less I picked that quantity of years for my fanmade timeline :slight_smile:

Btw, I know I haven’t really finished my mod and all that, but could you put The 3xper1ment4l era 5-7 years after the appearance of the Insurgents?

of course! As long as it fits in the GSB Universe… (nvm I recall seeing the thread)
And I checked in-game, ur right. I could have sworn it used to say 10,000… Oh well, no matter.