And it's broken

So I made one module, I got the thing by modifying the stats of the Frigate Pulse laser and then renaming it. I’ve done this before, made a new module, but now GSB keeps crashing upon opening. Not only this, but it’s screwed up from the download. I’ve deleted the affected copies but it keeps happening. What’s wrong, and how can I fix it? Because I’ve re- downloaded it and it has the same problem.

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  1. Did you delete the old pulse laser (doubt this is the problem if a fresh install didn’t work)
  2. Are there designs that use it that are looking for it but it isn’t there? (you deleted the module when you reinstalled, right?)
  3. Does it use a turret sprite that doesn’t exist/isn’t set up properly?

:smiley: thanks.

And no, I didn’t delete the old one.

No, I deleted the module when I reinstalled and it’s not in use on any ship, mine or AI.

It uses the same turret sprite as the old one.

Reinstalling doesn’t do anything, which is odd.

U should delete all designs in the Documents/My Games/Gratuitous Space Battles/ships that uses that module. No error msgs???

If it’s a problem that reinstalling doesn’t fix then it’s very likely to be a saved design that uses a module which doesn’t exist. GSB, unfortunately, doesn’t handle this situation gracefully. Changing the internal name (the “name” attribute) will also cause this as it is effectively then a different module from GSB’s point of view.

You have to open the file “errors.txt” to see what is causing the crashing. It can be found found here: “C:\Users\yourwindowsusernamehere\Documents\My Games\GratuitousSpaceBattles\debug”. I like to create shortcut on the desktop so I don’t have to dig through all the directories for it whenever I need to take a look at it.

You then then have to manually delete any of your saved designs listed that are using the module. The saved designs can be found here: “C:\Users\yourwindowsusernamehere\Documents\My Games\GratuitousSpaceBattles\ships”.

I posted on the suggestions board for the game to auto-delete invalid ship designs instead of crashing. I think it’s on Cliff’s very long to-do list.

Just a suggestion…

I have many folders in my ships folder each one for a different mod, or combination of mods. When I pull a mod off I make a new folder and place ALL ships into that folder. Sure I have ships that do not use the said mod items but I found it is better to be safe than to have to go around and fix EACH ship. And I also have my saved ships for that mod and will not have to remake ships again to test the mod out.

Thanks for the advice, using this help I solved the problem.

I seriously need to get the full version… the 3 missions in the demo are getting boring, even with railguns.

Well, dont expect too much from the “missions” , u can always buy the campaign expansion, or u maybe want to start modding. The full strenght of GSB is the modding possibilites, not the game content itself. In the demo u cant notice anything.

And the online content… All the challenges really change the game.

indeed lol, completely forgot the online option ^^ but still i think after a few matches online, the modding possibilites are the most atractive thing on GSB.


Really, i’m almost not playing the game, just modding :open_mouth:

lol me too. I like just how easy it is to mod this game. And all the extra things you can do with the effects. What began with me playing around with the Order effects ended up turning into a whole mod that I’m currently making lol.

True, me too i probably spend twice more time modding than playing :smiley:

Lol even I spend more time modding then playing.

yep, only playing i do, is when i check to see if i have made any errors xD

I mostly mod too XD
However in the past few days I have discovered just how much fun challenges are :smiley: