You know, given the relatively simple complexity of this game (I say that more from a design standpoint, assuming everything is modular)… Have you ever considered porting it over to the Android platform for the higher end Android devices? Platforms like the Droid-X, EVO 4G, Galaxy-S line, Incredible and others have 1GHz processors with at least 256-512MB of ram. It seems feasible to me that this fun little game could be [relatively] easily ported (perhaps with some minor impact to visual quality) to a mobile touch based platform to wild success.

Especially when you consider how you’ve got a wealth of ideas here in your forums, you could request ideas for tighter, shorter (mobile friendly) missions that people could accomplish on their transits, and more extensive ones for use when at home or just bored around the office. I know the platform is lacking for something like this, and with the larger displays of those devices (almost all of them being 4" or larger) the sprites only need to get marginally smaller but will still look great. Applying your knowledge over to a different platform, particularly one with such a solid content delivery system and user base may help you to see exceptional growths in both recognition and revenue.

Anyhow, just a thought. But with mobile hardware clambering up exponentially, perhaps a new realm you can dive into… Great game by the way.

I’d rather see an iPad version. Why?

  • big screen. Means you can look at more than one frigate at a time :stuck_out_tongue:
  • Solid touch interface. Would make for some cool UI, and there’s nothing in GSB that requires really accurate control (like movement orders in RTS games)
  • Price ranges. Who would buy a 20+ dollar game for the android? THe iPad, however, has more of that “premium game” price range (10-20 as opposed to free to 5)

All that considered, i don’t realistically expect a version for either. Too much development time and rellatively too little market.

or you guys might just get a proper PDA or netbook and be done with it…
or a really good phone :smiley:

Personally, I would be happy if this game’s interface had a “Touchscreen Mode”, i.e. sliders bigger, buttons bigger around minimap, and a cool circular techy effect whenever you tap the screen :smiley:

Im planning on grabbing an ASUS Eeepad (the 12 inch version) when they become available, and GSB is probably going to be one of the first things I put on it.

I’d love to see the game run on the ipad. Perhaps one day. It would need quite a bit of changing though, for the limited RAM.

Has this topic been revisited in a while? I saw recently that an Ipad version was made, and I’m thinking with devices like the galaxy note 2 and the nexus 10 would have plenty of RAM and CPU speed to handle this game. This would be my dream game on the galaxy note 2!!! would be a day 1 buy!

Android is pretty much a PC. The code is all Java and the OS structure is no different then you would see on a laptop or desktop computer. I’m sure they game will work on that platform as well.