[annoyance]Patch doesn't autofind the directory

First Cliff, let me say thank you for the prompt and awesome patches, this game just keeps getting better and better.

I do have one little niggle about the auto-patching system though, I have to manually change the destination every time a new patch is downloaded and installed. For backup purposes I install most things to custom folders (such as a “c:\Games” folder for all my games, etc) but the auto-patcher still wants to install the newest patch to “c:\Program Files” which I accidentally clicked through on accident and an interesting thing happened, it tried to install the patch, then tried to launch the game from the new gsb.exe and crashed because the required .dll was not present (because it was inn c:\games\gsb instead of c:\program files\gsb) – thus realizing my mistake I launched GSB again from the good install folder in an attempt to redownload the patch and install it to the correct folder this time. Only it wouldn’t download the patch again, I had to download the full patch game client from the email link again.

A minor inconvenience at most, just thought I would let you know.

Yup, this is on the inevitable list to fix. For future reference though, downloaded patches can be re-run, they are stored in MyDocuments\MyGames\GratuitousSpaceBattles\patches

Ha! I figured they were, I just searched in the wrong places, thank you!

I hit this issue with every patch, now I’ve got a handle on it, its no big deal to change the GSB location during install.

I think the biggest issue with the patch system, other than the folder issue, is that the Patch does not really announce itself as a patch, the first 3 patches I received all got the install canceled as I thought the game was trying to reinstall itself again - that my shortcut from the initial install was pointing to the wrong place…might I suggest that while the download progress bar is being displayed, that perhaps above the bar something to the effect of 'Downloading Patch…" be displayed. Then the user knows that something other than simply starting the game is happening and to actually read the Dialogues that pop-up …