annyoing/impossible challenges

Lately I’ve seen more and more crop up. I don’t post very often, but I play often and challenges quite a bit. I wish in the challenge interface there was a way to leave messages. Like this sucks. Ok latest guy one is putting gun ranges at 0. Or budgets that you can’t field a minimal frigate against their full on cruiser. That isn’t skill that’s bad challenge making. Seems they are showing up more and more. I guess if they think its cool that they have no wins more power to them, but setting up an impossible challenge and thinking that’s clever is the opposite of that.

Well, one could always mod a hull file to give a COSTBOOST -99% to offset some persons low, low budget – just to tick them off. As for the 0 range – I don’t know, offset it with ARMOURBOOST and SHIELDBOOST set to something like +10,000%, change a couple of weapons mods to zero range, and just sit there and slam them into oblivion.

I really wouldn’t waste my time, unless I were feeling particularly cranky that day.

hmmm got idea fight fire with fire. I like it. I would use it only for situations like this.

Still to be able to leave messages (is there a point to the new messages tab) with challenges would be nice.


well wahatever you do don’t deploye ships that cost negtive money in the camapin, i tride that and the money bar just gose beserk

I thought it was possible to send a message one the battle is over - or is that only when you win?
Taking the time to rate the challenge will help everyone. I avoid the challenges which have a maximum difficulty rating and a minimum enjoyment rating (when they are actually rated, which is rare these days).

It is possible to send messages and rate the challenge, but only once a winner has been declared. And some of the impossible-type challenges (I’ve run across them in the past drag on for so incredibly long that most players will give up long before the game ends the battle.

Brain farted and see where to leave the messages now. Dn’t know how I missed it, But if you do give up you can’t leave a message. Guy on right now called The Captain doing this. He posts challenges then when you start your minimum range is bigger than you max. Weare a small enough community we don’t need dolts like this posting nonsense challenges. I used an mod to beat him ( I should not have to do that to get weapons to fire) and left him a couple of nasty grams asking not to do crap like this make it a challenge not stupid impossible ones just to get people to give up since their ships won’t shoot. And I make it a point to rate every game I play his I gave one and one. wish I could give it 1 for difficult and 0 for enjoyment but button doens’t work till you at least pick a star in each.

the id of the challenges he put up are 4964522 & 4964532

Just played another one from a different guy. Is tonight crappy troll challenge night? Not even that but I thought I outsmarted it (he sets it up one fighter yours against a cruiser that is all anti fighter vanilla has no chance) so I played it with a mod. I took 0 repeat 0 hits 100% and his was smoking and dying fast and the game says defeat??? the hell? took a screen cap to…oh lovely when I paste the screen cap in paint its all black. does this feature work?

Well if its not going to work I used my phone to take a freaking picture. As you can see my fighter is fine and his cruiser is smoking like crazy and it wans’t even a couple of minutes and it says defeat, I let it run with that on screen and the ship blows up. Yea some defeat my fighter fine his cruiser is escape pods.

There is a conditional victory/defeat (part of the “stalemate” code I think) that kicks in when one side has nothing left but fighters - I’m honestly not sure exactly how it works, but it produces exactly that result.

If you either A) press the Print Screen key on your keyboard, or b) click the appropriate control in GSB (I forget offhand which button it is), the game produces a .bmp and puts it in My Documents/My Games/GratuitousSpaceBattles (at least on my Windows machine; the file path is probably slightly different for Macs etc.) That way you don’t have to worry about copying and pasting, which can have issues as you’ve seen.

I do agree with you wholeheartedly on the subject of people posting this type of garbage challenge. Unfortunately there’s really no way to institute a “stupid and childish” filter in the challenge screen. I will admit that I generally don’t play “solo” challenges - intended as one ship vs. one ship - at all because of the high volume of asshattery that I find there.

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Actually, if there are no cruisers but over 10% left, it’s 50% of fighters destroyed. There is an unrelated surrender time limit, I believe.

The more I think about this, the more curious I get to look at this challenge. Can you give me a bit more info about it - specifically, the ID or at least the challenger’s username?

The one on one battle was an old one I must have found it on a retalliation list. #4801264 user name ketejanll. It has one victory. His might not be trolling since weapons work, just the game shutting it off to defeat with an untouched fighter and the cruiser smoking is quite annoying.

Good on you for rating it. I only download rated challenges now, if I ever bother at all. If everyone can start rating the challenges that would clean the mess up a lot.

4971710 by Talking Taco - looks like you vs one cruiser but game locks up every time, also in deployment screen no ship appears for enemy. But with crash you get loss. no way to rate or message also.

Challenges like that aren’t challenges at all, and need deleting.

Tonights a hoot. First some guy posts 20 challenges nothing but the standard description. I play a bunch and rate them one star each to sort of warn others and message him as well. Just a few fed fighters with no guns and barely moving. Utterly pointless. Right now there are 20+ postings by one guy what have a bunch of tribe fighters by itself fine, ok. But not 20 freaking times posted in a row bumping down actual challenges. Wish there was a ‘mod’ for that to delete them.

Separate note wondering if people have an issue with some missions when you click them it takes you to the wrong wrong one, usually an older mission possibly years old. Go back click again you get another challenge still not the one you are clicking.

And now there is a third poster in the challenges named Kari who is spamming it over a page worth of same crap over and over. This is the crap that turn people awa;y from a game.

It makes me wonder if people are uploading the same challenge are getting some kind of error message that says uploading failed, so they try again,and again, and again…

Considering the sheer volume of challenges that get posted 8-10 times in a row, I have always assumed that some people have issues with uploading (sometimes the computer itself will execute a command several times for no discernible reason). However, I agree that when the duplicate challenge tops 20 posts, it’s hard to blame that on the hardware alone.

He did it again. This time at least its a working challenge but the same one over and over filling the board. Why is this allowed? Why can’t it be cleaned up?

Why not simply ask the game’s developer and find out?