another custom map - crazy8

Hey everyone,

here another huge custom map. Just expand the rar-archive into the Production Line game folder. It contains the necessary subfolders and will place the map and the picture at their correct places.

This map is designed to take the whole much detailed production process at its whole lenght. The areas for export, painting and chassis assembly are centralized while there is enough room for body assembly, engine & accessories assembly split into two wings. Everything together shapes an 8 and because with so much room it may crash the game at later gameplay. So be warned of this crazy 8 ;o)

And for all who like a short story:
Imagine you inherited 10 million $ with the condition to build up a car manufacturing company in an old building split up into 18 separate sections and enough room dreams come true.

Have fun and don’t forget the real life :smiley:

[Edit 2017-03-16]
A small update with a wider shipping area:
mission_crazy8u1.rar (6.09 KB)
mission_crazy8.rar (11.8 KB)

Awesome map! Can’t believe I only just found it!

Great map dude! I have been looking for something like this all the time. I think it will be inspiration for many people. Keep going. Cheers!

I have found a map online and made it slightly bigger. No performance issues that I have encountered. I have linked the download location Google Drive. Click to Download

Install in custom_missions folder in your documents location for game.

Documents folder\productionline\customer_missions for example.