Another ERROR message, please help

Hello, newbie here with an SOS. :frowning:

For a few weeks I have been playing the Kudos game that I purchased from bigfish. Am now getting an Access Violation error message that I can not figure out.

So … I downloaded the game directly from Positech and now I am getting a different error message - Missing Global Variable:.\SIM-GlobalVariables.cpp40.

Do I need to completely remove the bigfish version? I can’t get either of them to work now.

Can someone help please?

Hi auntpearl
How’s your mother (of) :laughing:

Can’t say for sure coz I haven’t got the big fish version but I reckon there might be a conflict between the two.

I suggest you remove both versions via Add\Remove, then goto C:\Documents and Settings<username>\My Documents\ and delete all kudos folders.
Then re-install the Positech version.

hi, when do you get the global variable error?

Thank you both for your replies. The Global Variable error comes when I click the Start Living button. This is from the Positech version and happens even before I add the Internet Updates.