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Starting with another advertisement of my income adjustment suggestions!
Lists of proposed changes to income simulations +misc
This includes…

  • Wage-to-low/middle income effects curtailed by high unemployment
  • No State Healthcare & Pension leading to increasingly poor elderly
  • Less income boost to State Employees in general so that they don’t become dominant group in the wealthy
  • and various adjustment to keep the income distribution curve realistic

Here goes link suggestions:

  • Tax Haven & Diverted Profits Tax are incompatible with each other.
  • High Alcohol/Tobacco Tax to the level of near-prohibition feeds the Black Market situation
  • High Currency Strength feeds Uncompetitive Economy with 16+ inertia
  • High Electric Car Transition feeds Rare Earth Metal Prices
  • Lower wage & higher unemployment compared to the past feeds Generational Wealth Gap
  • Population feeds Oil Demand & Water Shortage
  • Super-high Foreign Investment feeds Real Estate Bubble slightly
  • Private Space Industry is harder to trigger if you have <10% wealthy percentage
  • Health no longer has impact on Retired Membership while Lifespan getting a bigger influence on it
  • State Energy Company has slightly higher productivity boost but with a bit of energy efficiency drop (by providing cheaper energy)
  • Social Care improves mental health & has slightly bigger healthcare demand reduction
  • Several dilemma choices have negative impacts on Business Confidence. And a negative impact on GDP of Corporate Exodus will fluctuate as business confidence moves up & down. (in other words, you will be frequently asked whether you will plunge the business confidence and GDP until you remove the exodus. but this will also mean you can suspend its GDP penalty by pandering to corporations)

Currently playtesting most of them but can’t make it into a mod since some links stop working when written as overrides instead of direct modification of *.csv


Just a bit from my playtest on the last point (Business Confidence, Corporate Exodus, and GDP)

As you can see, business confidence becomes more important under corporate exodus at the same time allowing you to boost your economy significantly even before removing both of Uncompetitive Economy & Corporate Exodus.

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All very interesting stuff!


Is correlation here, causation?